I was not expecting our MC to be considering ways to monetize the creepy undead circus. However, the denizens aren't immediately trying to kill him (or her?), so maybe they have other reasons for all this. Maybe a desire to be avenged?

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I sense the idea of the documentary to be a trap set by the fortune teller. An idea she somehow placed in our heroes mind.

Marvellous descriptions.

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God, I love the details. Like in this section: "Her face, which I'd imagined so lovely, splits in two. Half of her image remains: dark eyes, thick eyelashes that flutter with every step, ruby lips that curve upwards in a seductive smile. The other half is raw white bone, polished and clean. One gold tooth gleams in her naked jaw, her other eye is missing, and the remains of a scar starts at the edge of her teeth and disappears under her hair where her ear should be."

I don't often get such clear mental images of characters, but this is just etched into my mind, now, and I love it.

I also like the protagonist deciding to try and make something lucrative out of this. I feel like, once the initial shock wears off, it really does make a lot of sense for a person's mind to go in that direction.

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